Upgrading WoltLab Suite 5.3 to 5.4

This article is intended for admins who run WoltLab Suite independently on their own server or web hosting.

Before you begin reading this guide, please make sure you read and understood WoltLab's upgrade guide - but do not do anything, yet.

  1. If you're using the style Dark Core please backup your customizations, if any, and uninstall the style. In the admin panel go to Configuration Packages and click the next to Dark Core. Once the upgrade was successful you can install the new version.
  2. Begin with WoltLab's upgrade guide and follow the instructions from Step 1 to 3.
  3. In the admin panel go to Configuration Packages Package Servers and click the plus icon to add this server: https://elevenfour.net/update/5.4/stable/ - you do not need to enter any credentials.
  4. Proceed with WoltLab's upgrade guide from Step 4.

Still got questions? Please feel free to create a new thread in Elevenfour's Support Forum (user account required).