Locating The Images Folder of a WoltLab Suite Style

This article is valid for WoltLab Suite 3.0 - 5.2

Presumed to know:

  • use of a FTP tools
  • login details to your FTP server

Most styles for WoltLab Suite use a folder for the images used within the style. This folder is a subfolder of the images folder of WoltLab Suite's root directory, e.g. woltlabsuite images. You can see the name of the folder that was created for your style if you open the style editor in your ACP. Click Customization Styles and then click the name of the style in the ACP. On the tab Data search for Files and then see Image path.

Screenshot of the style editor in the ACP

Using your FTP tool you can now connect to the folder and change files or add new.

Screenshot the FTP folder