Style Settings for Elevenfour's Styles

You'll find the style settings right in your ACP if you click on Configuration Style Settings (Elevenfour). On the new page loaded you'll find a tab for each style family by Elevenfour that's installed on your website. At the time of writing only Flavius 5.2 supports this but there's more to come. The options will always effect every style of the family. So, say you'll change some option for the Flavius style family it would have an effect on Flavius Blue, Flavius Orange and so on.

Depending on which style you're using there could be more or less options. Some options might just remove the rounded corners (border-radius) from avatar images, others might load a redesign of the members list. Just play around a bit to find out what you like you can always change again them later.

The purpose of these style options is to help you customize the style to some extend without having to code.

If you do have more questions, please feel free to open a new thread on Elevenfour's support forum (account needed, you can cancel any time).