Classic downloads of styles and plugins as you knew them before from Elevenfour and other sites are no longer available since Elevenfour upgraded to WoltLab Suite 3.0. Installation is now completely handled by the Updateserver of Elevenfour. No need to download and then upload package files.

The advantages can easily be found: No more hustles with downloading and then searching for files on your computer. It's now really easy to install a style or plugin on the fly using a tablet or a smartphone. And this has received an update by WoltLab with WoltLab Suite 3.0 and has been improved ever since.

What Do I need to do to add the server adress to my WoltLab Suite?

Visit the landing page of Elevenfour's Package Server plugin and download the plugin corresponding with your WoltLab Suite version. Then in your ACP go to Configuration Packages (Install Package) then click the button Upload Package and select the plugin from the folder that contains the downloaded plugin. Click Submit. On the next page click Next. After the installation went through click Next again and you're all set.

That's the only time you'll ever need to download and then upload a plugin from Elevenfour.

You don't need login credentials for most of the files. But if you're using development (Alpha, Beta, etc.) or special versions then you'll need your login credentials which are the same as when you log in to Elevenfour with your account (if any).

How do I install something?

You can skip step (1) if it's not the first time you've installed something from this server.

(1) If you want to install right now then it's best to run the cronjobs which updates package information. In your ACP click Management and then Cronjobs. The first entry in the list should be named Updates package information. Click on the icon at the beginning of this line.

(2) To install a package (no matter if plugin or style) click on Configuration and then on the icon next to packages in your ACP. On the new site you can either enter the package name into the corresponding input or enter the package identifier. You'll always find the package identifier at the end of the package' landing page on Elevenfour. After the you hit Submit the search for your request will start.

(3) If your package was found hit the icon to start the installation.

Still questions left unanswered? Feel free to ask your question in the Elevenfour Forum (linked from the navigation above).